Casinos Accepting Bitcoins

If you are someone who has not kept up to date with the recent trend known as cryptocurrency, you might not be aware of the term, "Bitcoin". Bitcoin or BTCrefers to a type of cryptocurrency. Some people think of it as virtual money. Even though bitcoins do not physically exist, it is possible to buy and sell items using bitcoins as the currency. This might seem strange, but it is quite popular to complete a transaction using bitcoins. Another thing you should know is that the supply of bitcoins are limited, and many people who bought them at the beginning have become rich as the demand for bitcoins have increased. Therefore, it is no wonder there are casinos available that now accept bitcoins as a form of payment.

Best Bitcoin Casinos

Online Casinos

Two of the first online casinos to use bitcoins are BitZino and Lucky Bitcoin Casino.

BitZino has a wide range of games for casino player who would like to play with bitcoins. This casino has had a tremendous success and have seen a large increase in the amount for wagers each day. The owners of BitZino were able to obtain about $10,000 in casino cash based on the $600,000 that was placed as bets there. BitZino has a wide range of products. Casino players can deposit with bitcoins and play slots, craps, blackjack, roulette and 3 Card Poker. The great thing about signing up for BitZino is that no other software is required to play games at this casino.

Another casino to be aware of is Lucky Bitcoin Casino. It is a second popular online casino that accepts bitcoins. Lucky Bitcoin Casino has over 30 games for you to play using bitcoins. It is said to be the largest casino that accepts bitcoins. Deposits here are quite fast with them taking only 30 minutes for a deposit to be made into your account. These games include video poker, 5 reel slots games, craps, roulette, baccarat, progressive slots and blackjack. It is also possible to just practice or play for fun at Lucky Bitcoin Casino. Keep in mind that there is a minimum amount of chips that must be wagered at Lucky Bitcoin Casino. This minimum amount is 0.0010 BTC.

Brick and Mortar Casinos

Even though bitcoins are available to pay for some items online, there has been a slow progression of regular stores accepting payment using bitcoins. However, two "brick and mortar" casinos in Las Vegas have started accepting this digital currency.

The two casinos that have spearheaded the use of bitcoins by casinos in Las Vegas are the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino and the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel. These casinos will now allow players to use digital currency such as the popular bitcoins. This means that players can wdo a lot with bitcoins, shop in the gift shop and also complete transactions at the front desk just with a digital currency. The way in which this will happen is through the payment processor BitPay that is setup on tablets around the casinos. Players will only have to type in their information to access the service. However, the casinos have not implemented placing wagers with bitcoins like some of the online casinos allow.

Other Gaming Sites

Other than slots casins, there are other websites such as Bitcoin poker sites that allow players to use bitcoins to play poker. Bitcoins are one of the deposit and withdrawal methods for poker players. An example of a poker sites that accept bitcoins are Seals With Clubs and Americas Cardroom. These are two of some of the biggest poker sites that accept US players.