Jumio is a next generation company that offers ID scanning and validation plus a payment processing for web transactions as well as for mobile.

He process is designed to reduce fraud, to increase revenue for web based and mobile clients, the process minimizes customer transaction friction. The products easily integrate with mobile apps and website transactions to enhance the customers experience in the digital marketplace. Jumio's' products are utilized widely in many marketplaces, retailers and also financial institutions.

The computer vision technology that is use by Jumio consists of two product lines:

Netverify'® offers businesses and customers a real-time of ID verification that uses customers passports, government ID cards, drivers licenses, utility bills, bank statements, insurance cards, and has been utilize in over 90 countries worldwide.

Types of businesses that utilize this cutting edge technology

  • Financial Institutions
  • consumer market places
  • e-tellers

This meets industry regulations as well as internal policies, it reduces fraud, cost related to charge-back of purchase transactions it also promotes trust and safety for online communities.

Netswipe'®' utilizes and supports' real- time scanning of credit cards and validating at online as well as mobile check-outs. This eliminates customers having to utilize key entries which are error prone. Clients benefit from a higher completion of transaction rats, reduced fraud and increased revenue and less charge-back costs.

Netswipe'® has the ability to turn customer's phones or computers into a secure credit card reader in real-time.

  • It supports IOS and Android devices and any computer or laptop that has a webcam.
  • Transaction completion rates are increased by more than 20%.
  • Reduces charge-back and fraud transactions as customers present the actual credit card to complete any purchase.
  • It is very fast and efficient, the scanning of the card take only 5 seconds, compared to a transactional key entry which takes about 60 seconds

Jumio has recently unveiled their PORT this is e-wallet infrastructure that is device-based, allowing consumers to be able to conduct a one-click purchase and transaction that requires verification of identity that does not need to download a wallet that is standalone.

Mobile app an Websites can enable Document and ID scanning:

  • Compare a users live image to the scanned ID with Jumio's unique Face Match
  • Saving in time and money
  • Elimination of manual document handling
  • Authentication of customers that meets industry regulation as well as internal policies
  • Reduction of charge-backs and Fraud for purchase transactions
  • User experience for customer an business that is easy for your customers and reflects well on your business.

Daniel Mattes is the founder of he company and is also the CEO, Jumio is backed by some top tier investors that include: Citi Ventures, Andre Essen Horowitz and Co Founder of Facebook, Eduardo Saverin. The company has their headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. The company has development centers in Vienna and Linz, Austria plus offices in the USA and Europe.