Agent Cash Slot Paid Out $100k

Many players took some time to visit their favorite online casino over the festive season. Californian player Raffella D did just that, and managed to go on a cool winning spree by playing the ever-popular Agent Cash Slots slot game. She got started on December 21st by winning $8,500, but that turned out to be just the beginning. She played again on Christmas Day itself and ended up with a bigger present under the tree – another win of $11,000.

And she didn’t stop there. She continued playing and scooped a massive $60k three days later, before topping that up with $21,000 on the 30th. If you think that is impressive, just wait – she also won a further $32,000 as she welcomed in the New Year. That must surely be one of the best winning sprees we’ve ever seen! It sure was a great way for Raffella D to celebrate Christmas and the New Year! She is now enjoying a series of checks sent to her home to cover her winnings. It’s been a wonderful surprise for her and she said she sensed it was “worth sticking with it” to grab some more wins.

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