Casino Win Spin Slots

Casino Win Spin seems to put together everything we think about when we think of a slot game. It was released on January 31st by Nolimitcity – far from the best-known of software developers but nonetheless worth learning about here. Casino Win Spin features a casino-style opening and some interesting features that are promoted before the game begins. Wilds, Hot Zones, and Spin Til You Win, anyone?

Yes, it sounds like a great game, and while there is not much to speak of in the background of this slot, we do get five reels that seem to be rolling towards you, thanks to the design. You do get a mix of traditional symbols in this game though, such as bells, bar symbols, strawberries, lemons… you name it, you can probably guess it is there if you’ve played a few standard three-reel games before.

This is no three-reel slot, but it is packed with appealing features and icons. There are quite a few wilds involved here. Watch for the regular shamrock wild and the golden expanding shamrock wild too. There are also symbol wilds where the word is overlaid on top of the regular symbol. Try the game and you will see what we mean. You might also benefit from two Win Spin Hot Zones that appear on the second and fourth reels. You must get two identical symbols in the Hot Zones to trigger the Spin Til You Win feature, which is exactly as good as it sounds. There is more to enjoy here as well, but for starters, we’d say this is a great slot to try.