Hood Slots

Novomatic is a reliable provider of some appealing slot games, and we will see just how true that is when we look at Hood – their latest release. This one was issued on Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t provide any clue to what lies in store for us here. Instead, we get the advantage of a Robin Hood theme, as might have been apparent from the title.

This isn’t the first slot to be inspired by Robin Hood, but it is arguably one of the more appealing ones we have tried. You will see a plain wild on the reels alongside other symbols, some of which feature the man himself. You might get lucky and unlock Robin’s Riches, which permits you a spin of a wheel shown to the side of Hood. You could win the Rick Pickings feature, or some free spins as shown on the reel. There is also a King’s Ransom and a Super Kings Ransom feature to be accessed if you get lucky.

The appeal and presentation here are second to none. If you can claim a King’s Ransom, you will get to choose some bags of cash to see what you can find. You might also reject an offer in the hope of winning more. This is a game that looks good and looks way better the longer you look at it! Will you get hooked on Hood slots today?