Café Casino Defines you Slot Playing Preference

Are you certain that you enjoy playing slot games online but just can't decide which kind you may like best? You are not alone. Many people seem to have this very problem so Cafe casino has decided to make things a little easier for you. Café Casino has more than 200 online slot games to choose from, which can be overwhelming to some, at least until you find a few favorites. Café Casino suggests that you narrow your choices down by asking yourself a few questions.

Do you like to play it safe and perhaps consider yourself to be pretty traditional? If so, you may want to check out the traditional slot choices as they are true classics and the symbols are too. You will see many of the classic symbols such as cherries, BARs and 7s. A couple suggested slots to try are Diamond Cherries and Big Cash Win. Diamond Cherries just came out this year and has three reels and just one pay line with a top paying jackpot of 25000 coins. Big Cash Win offers three reels and one pay line with symbols like Bars, Big Cash Win Logo, Cherries, and Sevens used.

Are you more of a risk taker but like to keep it simple? If so, you likely hate games that are full of rules that have to be adhered to. You want to just do your thing and be left alone. Suggested titles for you include Tahiti Time and Travel Bug. Tahiti Time have three reels and one pay line. Win up to 20 free spins with triple payouts, and a 7,500-coin jackpot! This one is pretty simple and limited rules. Travel Bug is a 5-reel and 20 pay line bonus video slot with a top jackpot of 5000 coins and a second one of 1000 coins.

Are you a sports buff? Do you know all the stats and never miss a game? Do you love to compete and enjoy high-octane games? You should try slots like Hole in Won or Pigskin Payout. Hole in Won is an I-slot from Rival Gaming with a golfing theme. There are five reels and 15 pay lines in this slot game with a skill based bonus feature. Pigskin Payout has five reels and 20 pay lines and an NFL theme. It has a great free spin bonus where you are guaranteed to win on every spin and a top jackpot of 7500 credits.

Hello supermoms! Do you live the life of a mom and just can't wait for a little escape from reality and the hectic daily routine? Do you value every single second when the little ones are fast asleep? Take a second and escape by trying slots like Baby Boomers Cash Cruise or Fixer Upper. Baby Boomers Cash Cruise gives you the chance to actually win a cruise, ahhh the possibilities! Baby Boomers Cash Cruise is a cruise themed online slot game that has 5 reels and 15 pay-lines. Look for the Destination Wheel where that secret cruise awaits you. Fixer Upper is a five reel and 20 pay line slot that can pay you enough cash to get all of your remodeling complete.

Do you like solving puzzles and mysteries? There are some great slots that can allow you to do just that. Find the clues and solve the mystery in slots like Moonlight Mystery and Reel Heist II: Art Heist. Moonlight Mystery slots allows you to solve who the murderer is, the weapon, and the motive. Reel Heist II: Art Heist is a 5-reel 15-line i-Slots game, with bonus games, scatters, free spins and wilds. There is a 6000 coin jackpot up for grabs if you can solve the mystery.