3 Popular Themes For Online Slots

Have you ever noticed some slot games share a theme? They are rarely identical, or even close to each other, but those that share a theme often share similar icons and symbols, too.

Some themes have proven themselves to be more popular than others, as we will see here. While there are lots of popular themes to see when you play online slots, we’ve narrowed things down to three of the most popular of all. Do you agree with our selection, or are there other themes you think are more common than these?

Heading back to Egyptian times

Ancient Egypt must surely have inspired every slot game creator at one point, because there are plenty of games out there with a spin on this theme. Mummies, Egyptian gods, and plenty of signs of ancient Egypt, including scarab beetles and gems galore, can be found in these slot games.

And yet they are as popular as ever, so there is no chance these games will disappear anytime soon.

Grab a share of luck with the leprechauns!

Aside from ancient Egypt, you might also find yourself going on a journey to Ireland, in search of some good old-fashioned Irish good fortune. Irish-themed slots are always based around luck, and you will usually find four-leaf clovers, leprechauns, rainbows, and pots of gold on the reels as well.

Prizes vary, as do the bonus features included in these games, but most of them are very popular and players return to them time and again in search of some good fortune.

Head to the high seas for a slice of the pirating life

Ahoy me hearties, let’s set sail for the high seas in search of some Pirate Treasure ! And let’s explore the huge range of pirate-themed slots on the market, too. Whichever casino you visit online, you are almost certain to find a handful of slots with pirates and their parrots, not to mention the skull-and-crossbones flags, to contend with.

These have been tried by all manner of software developers, although the ones with good graphics and lots of bonus features tend to be among the most popular of all. This is another theme players show no sign of getting tired of.

Which is your favorite theme?

Slots have used countless themes over the years, and even now, we still see new themes being created, not to mention older themes with a new twist. But these are among our favorites.