Dragon Hunters Slots

The dramatic background behind the Dragon Hunters reels in this slot game doesn't look like anywhere we would want to be. In fact, we think it could be where the dragons reside. Never mind, though - our attention should be on what is happening on the five reels we see here.

The game presents us with a wild icon that is very easy to see - namely because it has the word wild across it. As you would expect, the Dragon Hunters game lets this replace everything else but not the scatter.

The scatter is good to get though, because 10 free spins are given for just three or more of them. Every prize won here is also boosted by a x3 multiplier. Our one complaint with the Dragon Hunter slot is that there is nothing else to look for. The characters are well-drawn, the game looks dramatic, and you just feel it could have been even better. Give it a go and see if you agree.