The Munchies

Maybe you know that saying already – the idea that being hungry means having the munchies. So, does that give us a clue to the theme of this slot from Genesis Gaming? It does, because it involves food, and not just that, it involves sweet candy. The cartoonish theme is a great one, and you will see little Munchies that go along eating all the candy and treats found in the game. In fact, if a Munchie appears on a plate, it will devour all the snacks on either side of that plate.

This is an odd but fun game, and you might find it best to check out the paytable and then try it in demo mode before betting on it for real. We think you will want to do the latter, but it makes sense to figure out what is going on with those munchies! One thing is for sure, though – you’ll never think of that saying the same way again.

The scatter in The Munchies is an orange packet of candy, while the wild is a green packet of candy with the contents spilling out. The munchie icons are the higher-paying symbols, but the game also has the candy and treats on the reels too, and these can also win you prizes. With the plate ready to be placed on the reels, cascading reels, and free spins too, you can see why this is set to be a popular game.