Greek Gods Slots

Yes, this isn’t a slot, but the Online Bingo brand has come up with the Greek Gods twist to perk up your average bingo game. You will see four temple-style bingo cards, so you can decide which bet amount to place on each one. You can start from as little as 20 cents, so it is just like playing a slot with 20 lines on it.

Greek Gods has prizes for various outcomes on a card. These are shown at the top of the screen. The bingo balls fly out at speed to fill up the bottom of the screen, and thankfully the bingo numbers are marked out automatically on the cards. It’s a good job they are, otherwise it could be very easy to get left behind!

The background adds more depth than you’d usually see in a bingo game, and that makes it a good one to play. There is nothing else very unusual about this one, but if you like bingo and you want to check out what the Greek Gods could offer you by way of good fortune, perhaps this is the game you should play. Will you get lucky?