Gunsmoke Slots

Well, now, you probably remember the US series of the same name. While this isn’t based on that, it does take on a Wild West theme – and it looks good on this classic one-armed bandit machine. The design has three reels, and they are small ones too, especially since they are located down to the south of the machine.

This is an unusual three-reel game, though, because you will see an option to choose your game at the side. Choose your game? Yes, because there is a basic game alongside a top game. You should check out the game rules before you do anything else, because it would be easy to view Gunsmoke as a standard slot, when it is nothing of the kind.

Aside from plenty of rules and guidance, the game itself is fun to play once you get the hang of it. That is why we would recommend you check it out in demo mode before you play with real coins. The game rules include info on the five-payline top game also included here, whereas the main game has just one payline. So, how long will it take to get to grips with Gunsmoke and everything it can offer?