Play Lucky 3 Slots at iSoftbet Casinos

If we asked you to name three online slots with the word lucky somewhere in the title – and we’ll give you this one for free – chances are you could name them in mere seconds. Lucky 3 is yet another one to add to that huge collection, but will this be a lucky slot to play for you?

This one hails from iSoftBet, and it is the latest in a series of games to go for a 5 x 5 grid that looks nothing like your usual slot game. You do still get prizes for three or more symbols that match though, and here the prizes are multiplied depending on which line they appear on. For example, something on line one will get a 1x multiplier, i.e. it will remain the same. But snag a win on line five and it will be multiplied by 5x the usual amount.

Lucky 3 is also able to offer some lemons as the jackpot. And no, you don’t actually win lemons! You get a much better prize than that, but only if five lemons appear on the fifth line. when this happens, you get a 20x multiplier to present you with the top prize of 500 coins. Depending on your bet amount, it could be well worth looking to play Lucky 3 sometime soon.