Ghostbusters Triple Slime

The original 1984 movie garnered a huge audience and was a monster success – or should that be a ghostly success? Either way, it spawned a sequel featuring Melissa McCarthy and a new team of Ghostbusters recently, and now we have a slot game based on the theme, too.

Ghostbusters Triple Slime has a great title, and the game screen introduces something different, with five reels formed into a diamond shape. This means you get three positions on reels one and five, four on reels two and four, and five on the center reel. Playing 50 coins means you get 720 ways to win, so there is ample opportunity to scoop some notable prizes here.

The big marshmallow guy appears on the middle three reels as a substitute, while the infamous Slimer – the green ghost – features as a scatter that will trigger the Slimer Scatter Bonus if he appears three times. The biggest prize is 10,000 coins for five of the iconic Ghostbuster logos on the screen in a winning line. The bonus features scatter wheels and chances to win multiple prizes, so that will be your goal.