Snow Globe Slots

Blueprint has obviously been inspired by the snow globes you tend to see around every year at Christmas time. We’re met with a nice opening treat when we load this game though, because we get a choice of how to play the game. Now, that is something we have never encountered before. The first option is a 5 x 3 game that has increased In-Reel Features to look forward to as you play. Alternatively, you could choose the second option which has a 5 x 4 format. This one has additional Bonus Features to watch out for.

Even aside from all that, you can still enjoy other features in the Snow Globe slot. For example, you get to win some Sticky Snowball Free Spins if your luck is in. There are numerous elements to enjoy if you get this far. You also get to look for a substitute snowman, the bonus snow globe, and a Snow Globe logo that appears Super Stacked on the reels as well.

It sometimes seems as if all the slot game developers are trying to create something new, and that’s a great thing. But it is rare that someone comes up with a game that is packed full of exciting features, not to mention giving you two ways to play it. Snow Globe is a wonderful game to try even when it’s not Christmas, so make sure you try it now.