Firebird Slots

Firebird is the single-word title for the next release from Green Tube, which came out on January 29th. It’s a surefire way to finish the first month of the year, to make a pun, but is Firebird a fiery and fabulous slot to play, or will it leave us feeling disappointed?

This is a great game for those that like to keep the number of paylines they bet on to a minimum. It only has three reels but there are five lines to bet on if you want more than just one to try. The title appears above those reels, and you’ll see a 3 x 3 matrix has been used to accommodate the five lines. You may well guess we get the usual fruits, bells, and stars here, and that is indeed the case.

Firebird doesn’t have much else to treat us to, so we can happily label this one as a classic. If you normally play three-reel classics and you want to beef things up a bit, the Firebird slot does make that happen. But will it tempt you to play for a longer period?