Newlette Classic Slots

Specialty Games has come up with the Newlette Classic slot, and there is nothing slot-like about this one. Instead, we are in casino territory, and your first task is to choose the beginner’s room, the player’s lounge, or the high roller suite. If you’re new to this, the beginner’s room is the best shot. Furthermore, you should be aware Newlette Classic does have a freeplay game to try, so you can test it out without betting anything at all on it.

The first task is to choose your bet amount on the wheel that will appear to the right of your screen. There is a weird-looking circular creature on the left, but ignore that for the moment and click the yellow button to get started. As with slot games, this one can be set to go through several spins on auto for you, once you are happy with the bet you wish to place on each spin of the wheel.

Newlette Classic turns out to be a basic spin on the idea of roulette. You will see a wheel divided into several colors, and the idea is to try and win prizes by betting against the house. If you get five winning attempts one after the other, Newlette Classic also has a bonus round to play. So, we would recommend you try the free version first if you have never played this before, and take it for some spins so you can see how it works.