Your are on Fire with Fire & Steel Slots

It's always a delight to hear about a brand-new slot game from Betsoft, and we have exciting news of a new game that will soon be added to their high-quality Slots3 collection. Fire & Steel: War of the Wilds sounds good before you even look at the game itself. Even the title screen looks superb, with stunning graphics helping to prove this will be another successful title from the company.

The game tells a story of two children who are fighting for control over the land formerly ruled over by their mother, the High Queen. The two children appear as the Shield Maiden and the Swordsman, and each one can create additional wilds if it appears on the reels. This happens via directional beams. If they appear together and their beams cross each other, the player enjoys locked wilds and 10 free games.

Betsoft is a leading proponent of stunning online slot games. Among their recent releases is the Magic Shoppe, and The Angler. For a closer look at other newer Betsoft games, including Fa Fa Twins and Sin City Nights, check out your best online casino now - and get ready to play Fire and Steel slots too!