Pure Slots

Some slot games have shorter titles than others, but here, we have a casino game from Specialty Games that calls itself Pure. It’s based on dice, and there are four areas at the bottom of the screen where the dice can fall. You set your bet, just as you would with a slot game, and the paytable can be viewed by clicking on the arrow near the top right of the screen.

Pure offers a variety of colored dice, as well as some white ones featuring different Oriental-style symbols. There is also a white die with a red bonus wheel on it, and this is the bonus die that could access that feature for you.

All you need to do is to get three of the same die on the same line to win the relevant prize. You’ll need three bonus icons completing one line to get the Pure Wheel Bonus, too. You get five spins here, and 100 points to start. 100 points are the minimum required to win a prize. There are extra spins to be had from the Pure Wheel Bonus, not to mention extra points, or a chance to spin the Mystery Wheel or even the Jackpot Wheel. Yes, the game also has three progressive jackpots – the Minipot, the Jackpot, and the Grand Jackpot. Could Pure deliver one of those in your direction?