Siren’s Kingdom Slots

A siren is a female sea creature, one that has a habit of luring unsuspecting sailors onto the rocks, where they will crash and be lost to the deep. Sirens are, of course, mythical in nature (at least, we sure hope they are!), but they make great inspiration for a slot game.

That’s what we have here, too – a new slot from Iron Dog that looks set to be a cool title to try. It is due out in a couple weeks, so be on alert for it to appear. The opening title image looks promising, set underwater and featuring no sign of the sirens themselves… maybe that is a good thing or not, we’re not sure! The game will have five reels and just 10 lines, so it should appeal to a wide audience.

The Siren’s Kingdom comes with its share of underwater creatures too, including an octopus. This is good to find, not just because it could bring a scatter prize, but because it can secure free spins for you to enjoy. There are lots of spins available too – how about winning 14, 25, or even 36 of them for three, four, or five scatters? Oh, and these spins are also set to include a sticky wild, and yes, this is the siren we have mentioned. This expands before disappearing, so you will want to see this siren when you play. We doubt this one will lead to you crashing onto rocks, so we guess you’re safe!