Find The Treasure at Treasure Mine Slots

Oooh, just the idea of a Treasure Mine sounds like a good one to us! We can thank Red Tiger for this title, which only appeared at the end of October 2017. If you haven’t discovered it yet, perhaps we can whet your appetite for it now. It can offer an RTP pf 95.2% and uses 40 bet ways within a 5 x 4 reel layout. The maximum coin win is worth 160,000, which we think is reason enough to try it for size.

There is a wild word on the reels if you can spot it; it is surrounded by what looks like gold nuggets. The miner will appear on the mine cart and zoom past the front of the reels as the game begins, but he might appear on the reels themselves, too. He’s called Redbeard, and the idea is to get his wild to land next to the other wild (known in the paytable as the treasure strike wild). If this happens, he jumps onto the treasure wild to grab as much of it as he can for you.

But there is a dragon wild too, and this can see the dragon breathe fire onto the treasure strike wild to make more of them. This could lead to new wins. You also get the chance to see another wild feature, but we’ll leave it to you to discover that. Treasure Mine might unlock the mine train feature if you find three bonus mine carts. Here, you get to chase after as much treasure as you can! We love the idea of this one, and we think you will too.