Wacky Panda Slots

So, how wacky is this panda? That is the question you will immediately have in mind when you see this title. We should say it does look wacky, but it doesn’t appear in the usual guise. The game features slightly odd-looking characters in our opinion, but maybe that is the wacky part of this game from Microgaming.

We would expect big and feature-packed games from this provider, but this time they have gone back to basics. There are only three reels in this game, and while you can see six icons on those reels, there is only a single payline across the middle of them. That means you could get symbols landing just above or below the line. Let’s hope you get luckier than that though, and manage to secure some good wins across the reels.

You can see the panda is quite useful to find, because you need only get one or two of them on the payline to win a prize. From there, you get some fruits to win with, although you need three of each to complete a prize. With assorted pandas in different poses, you get closer to the chance to win 1,000 coins if you should get the top prize. That is way lower than we have seen in other similar games, but there is still something appealing about this one that makes it good to try occasionally.