Roll the Dice

With new animation and sophisticated graphics, it is possible to turn any traditional type of game into an online game to enjoy. Roll The Dice is a very traditional Chinese game with dice that is commonly called Fish-Prawn-Crab, as these are three of the possible symbols on the dice.

Players will be presented with a wagering page that shows the six possible symbols including the fish, prawn, crab, rooster, calabash and the Chinese coin. There is also a symbol three dice that allows players to wager on any triple or three identical symbols on all dice after the roll.

Wagering is from a dollar to up to five hundred, with players allowed to wager on as many of the symbols they want by just clicking the wager amount and the picture. Payout is 1:1 if one of the symbols wagered on is shown on one dice, 2:1 for two dice with that symbol and 3:1 for three symbols unless you wagered on the Triple. If you were lucky enough to wager on the Triple on that round, the payoff is 30:1.

A game that relies on luck along, Roll the Dice is a fun way to spend time only with authentic music, a simplistic Asian theme and a possibility of winning a maximum payout of $15,000.