Mammoth Wins

Mammoth Wins is a game fresh from the Nu Works Gaming stable. It has three separate jackpots you can try for as well as the regular prizes, which means there is plenty to get your teeth into. Check out this game and go back in time to the mammoths today!

How many reels and paylines are in play?

This great game features five reels and 25 paylines, so it is a fairly standard game in that sense.

How much or little can you wager?

The smallest size to wager here is a mere one cent, which played over 25 lines means you can cover everything with a quarter. You can also go up to $1 per line if you wish and you have a taste for some extra cash.

Does Mammoth Wins have any special symbols?

Yes and you’d expect a mammoth to be among them wouldn’t you? In this case the mammoth is the wild symbol which is rather appropriate! It stands in for other symbols so if it appears you have a chance to get more wins. It is also the scatter though, which is rather unusual so you’ll hope to see plenty of mammoths popping up to give you the advantage!

What’s more, the mammoth can also be a multiplier as it is capable of multiplying any win you get.

Is there a bonus round?

Yes, and it takes the form of free spins. As you might guess given the info above, this means finding some mammoths – at least three of them will do the trick. Three mammoths wins you nine free games, four gets you 18 free games while five mammoths brings in an amazing 33 free games.

More than this, any win you get during your free spins rounds will be tripled thanks to the effect of the mammoth. Now you can see why the game is called Mammoth Wins!

Download and try your luck with Mammoth Wins today!

This is a superb game and one that can trigger plenty of awards. When you realize there are mini, minor and major jackpots racking up the coins as you play as well, it gives you even more to shoot for. If you get the lucky combo of symbols to trigger one of those jackpots, you get to earn the cash as a result. Why not try your luck with Mammoth Wins today?