Refrigerator Slots

Now, be honest - did you ever expect to see a game with that title? Probably about as likely as seeing one with the title Washing Machine. Now we've said that, maybe we will see that happen, too. But Refrigerator was created by GameSys, and that alone makes it worth exploring the offering to see whether it is worth a try. It does have a demo mode, so we do get the chance to see what it can offer, as well as seeing if we can win some prizes as we play.

So, Refrigerator looks similar to some of their other slots in terms of the layout. You get the option to bet on five combinations of lines, from a single line up to the maximum of 20. You can expect to see lots of items on the five reels, all of which should be refrigerated, we guess. For example, there could be cold chicken, watermelon, a burger, and a bag of goodies from the store.

That bag of goodies is wild here, and replaces everything except the scattered piece of bread… at least, we think it's a slice of bread, complete with toppings. Will you agree if you load the game for a try? If the wild forms part of a win for you, that win is doubled from the usual amount. You can also secure 4,000 coins if you manage to get five wilds on a line you bet on.