Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots

Who is Cubee? The star of the new game from RTG, called Cubee: The Travel Adventure. This provides a clue to the theme of the game, but you should expect to see a few different periods in history here. Monsters, weaponry, and energy balls are all present here, so let’s see how they come into play.

Reels and win lines

This is not your ordinary slot game. It’s not a slot at all, in fact, so there are no lines or reels to contend with. Instead, eight icons will spin out of a vortex with each click of the spin button. Three types of icons might appear – energy balls to give more power to Cubee, weapons to take his enemy Rocco down a notch or two, or enemies.

Coin options

Play each spin from 0.10 to 50.00. Your progress through the game is saved for the coin amount chosen, so if you decide to switch amounts partway through, you’ll go back to the beginning on the new amount. Switch back, though, and the original progress will continue.

Game rules for Cubee: The Travel Adventure

Those energy balls mean Cubee will become stronger than some of the four enemies. The more energy balls he receives, the more chance there is to win prizes. You’ll need to find weaker enemies for Cubee to notch up some wins for you.

Time travel and enemies

The Stone Age is the setting as the game begins. The idea is for Cubee to find enough weapons to clonk Rocco over the head with. If he defeats Rocco, the enemy falls over and you go through the vortex into the Piracy Age. Once there, cannons will help you collect free spins. These can only be played once Cubeeland is reached – and you must go through to the Viking Age and complete that (i.e. beat Rocco again) to play the free games. Multipliers can be earned in the Viking Age and these are applied to the free games you will eventually play.

Cubee: The Travel Adventure is ready to download and play now

This is a lot of fun to play. While it is not a slot game, there are elements of it that feel very much the same. When you get the chance to check it out, we recommend you do so. Cubee: The Travel Adventure is set to be a big hit in our opinion.