Ignition Rewards

We're delighted to report on a new reward program that's just been launched at the popular Ignition Casino. Every time you play, you'll automatically earn Ignition Miles for your efforts. The more you play the great games available at the casino, the more Miles you will add to your total. You can't lose what you've earned, and the miles will add up to help you gain additional benefits from your membership of the site.

You can earn two kinds of Miles. The first is called Tier Miles. The casino has created several tiers that unlock more benefits. The more Miles you earn, the higher you go through the tiers, and the more benefits you get. Progress through Steel, Chrome, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, with fewer Miles needed to redeem an offer each time - and a bigger cashback bonus, too. The second is called Ignition Miles. These are your key to real-money bonuses. Whenever you get enough Miles to exchange for cash bonuses, you can cash them in - it's as simple as that. Or you can save them up for a bigger bonus later.

Every dollar you wager on one of the superb games at Ignition Casino counts towards claiming Miles. The number of Miles received varies depending on the game type you choose. If you're not already a member of Ignition Casino, there has never been a better time to join than right now. And when you do sign up, you'll automatically go into this superb rewards program. Make sure you make the most of earning those Miles today.