Microgaming Shocks the World with New Innovative Virtual Reality Gambling

Once again Microgaming is leading in the gaming industry, they are proving to be one of the most innovative of all the casino gaming developers and providers. Microgaming has produced a number of the remarkable games that are available. Technical achievements that Microgaming has contributed has creating some amazing gaming platforms for both the casinos and players.

If you thought that they had reached their height, they have now taken things to the next level. Microgaming will now be integrating exciting virtual reality (VR) video games, and they are starting with VR Roulette which brings in this new phase in casino gaming.

The VR Roulette is to be used with the Oculus Rift headset. When a player puts on the headset, a casino will totally comes to life. The Oculus Rift headset will literally stream video to the retinas of the players eyes, when this happens, the player who is watching through the headset well be brought into a virtually reality world. This is like being in an 'real life' casino which become quite real.

This new technology débuted at the 2016 ICE event, with a full display of their 3D gaming advancements. The roulette game is not the only VR release that the company is planning. The research and development division of Microgaming are hard at work on a number of games. The VR Roulette appearing at the ICE 2016 was to give the public a glimpse of things to come.

This year's contribution builds on the previous years (2015) contribution which presented the "Google Glass Betting" showing how technology can be integrated into a online gaming experience.

The VR Roulette software is incredibly spohisticated and advanced.