10 Burning Heart Slots

Some slot titles are as clear as anything, but this isn’t one of them. Can we guess at 10 lines in this game, and maybe a flaming theme of some kind? Who knows? We do get a familiar look about the game – or at least, familiar to anyone who has played a few EGT games in the past. The reels and lines indicated at the sides of them (and yes, there are 10) help make everything clear, and you get the same controls underneath the reels that you’d expect to see.

10 Burning Heart also has the four progressive jackpots seen in other games, with each one represented by a playing card suit. But beyond those, what else does the game itself present us with?

There is a wild heart in this game, and it can expand over the reels as you will see when you play. You will notice it appears in flames too, so we guess that makes sense of the title. It will only appear on the middle three reels. There are two scatters in the game as well – the gold dollar sign and the purple star. The star only appears on the odd-numbered reels, but the dollar sign appears everywhere. It’s not the best slot we’ve seen, but it does offer additional features that make it worth a try.