Mysterious Gems

Sometimes, you see a title screen for a slot game and you just want to know more. We felt like that about this game from Genesis, as it seems to show us a portal where the title appears… and lots of gems coming through it. Could they be heading in our direction, and if they are, will they guarantee us some cool prizes?

This game works differently to a standard slot game, because you need to find five or more matching gems in a block to win a prize. The more gems you find that match, the bigger the prize will be. The best one is reserved for 20 or more yellow gleaming gems, so could you match that in Mysterious Gems? There are eight gems to watch for, but you will want to look out for the Stretching Wild too. This looks a little like a maze and features several gems in the square design. It appears on reels two, three, four, and five, and it will match anything apart from Mysterious Gems and bonus icons. Since it stretches to cover the whole reel where it can cover and replace the main eight gems, it could trigger a nice result for you.

There are special gems appearing on each of the fourth, fifth, and sixth reels in the Mysterious Gems slot, too. Add in extra prize features, maximum wins, random multipliers, and more, and you get a game from Genesis that packs in a lot of fun.