Yun Cong Long Slots

It is clear this is another Oriental-themed game, so has Playtech come up with enough features to make this a standout contribution to the genre? The name of the game is presented to us over a hazy background, with the hint of trees, mountains, and smoke or fog floating around. That doesn’t tell us much, so can we find out more from the game itself?

Yun Cong Long has yet to reveal its secrets to us, because information is hard to find about it. Once it has been released, we can see whether they have opted for a five-reel game here (although we suspect this is the route it will follow). We have heard there will be a wild icon here, but whether this is a regular wild or has some special features, we do not know.

While we haven’t got many details about the game, we do believe Yun Cong Long is going to be yet another pleasing addition to the collection held by Playtech. After all, few of their other titles have ever let us down.