Extreme Riches Slots

It feels as if we have reviewed lots of new games from Green Tube just lately. This is another one they released on January 29th, and we are met with the sight of a happy joker on the title screen, along with the title itself in gold. Is that a hint to the potential riches that may lie ahead with this game?

It is a bright game, to be sure, with the joker appearing over a gold background on the reels. If you manage to get him in every position on every reel and line, the jackpot will be yours. This is a progressive jackpot and the ever-increasing value of that is shown to the top-right of the reels.

There are five of those reels to get spinning, and four positions on each mean we have lots of paylines to play as well. There are 50 of those, and you’ll want to cover them all to max out your winning chances. You could win up to 100,000 coins as you play Extreme Riches, but the only way you will manage to scoop the promise mentioned in the title is via that progressive jackpot…