Unlikely Royals Slots

There is something a bit disturbing about the royalty you’ll see in the image that has been released ahead of the Unlikely Royals release from ReelNRG this February. Unlikely Royals is released on February 27th, and it adopts the usual 5 x 3 layout with 40 betways in play. But will it be an interesting one to play, and who are these unlikely characters anyway?

They appear in a very detailed slot game, popping up in various positions on the reels. This game has a golden look about it too. Even the usual playing card icons have been made over to look more royal, with fine dining a theme here in places. Expect to see logos for the game, not to mention a crown that looks as though it could be worth a fair bit. You might also stand a chance of winning some free spins if you get lucky, and that could be very nice indeed, don’t you think?

The promotional video that has been released to coincide with this game looks very appealing and promises much from the game itself. The crown looks to be the trigger for some free spins, while stacked symbols could also appear. You never know what might happen next when you meet the Unlikely Royals, so we suggest you do just that when you get ready to play come the end of February.