Crazy Bill Slots

Slot games have some crazy characters involved. Crazy Bill is the main man in the slot of the same name, released by iGaming2Go. The game is designed to be enjoyed on mobile devices as well as desktop computers, so it offers something for all players. We'll be honest and say it is not the best game we have ever encountered. Somehow, we expect far better graphics than we see on offer here, but that aside, it is still fun to play from time to time.

If you can get some free spins in this slot, you will receive 10 which also come with a 2x multiplier on your prizes. So, that is worth looking for if you can make it happen. And while there are five reels, there are no more than nine paylines here. That might make the game appealing to those who want to cover all the lines at low cost, but it will put off anyone who likes to see as many win lines as possible.

Crazy Bill will have its fans, we have no doubt of that, but many more seasoned players may decide to go elsewhere for a good slot game to play. A little more detail in the game might have made it more appealing, perhaps.