Pinball Payout Slots

Instant win games make a nice change from slots every now and then. If you are in the mood to play one, try the Pinball Payout game today. With up to 6,000 coins available to win with each go, you never know how profitable this could be for you.

The game takes on the appearance of a pinball machine… but you probably expected that, given the title. You can fire off six balls per go, and the idea is to get them to go into the slots at the bottom of the machine. Each prize amount requires you to get a set number of balls to win it. So, a lower-value prize will require far fewer balls than the top one.

The ball can bounce around for a while before going anywhere, and when it does, you’re free to press the button to release another one. As such, the game lasts a while, thanks to firing off six balls in the hope of achieving a Pinball Payout. And if you do achieve that aim, what will your payout be worth?