The Five Raiders Slots

The Five Raiders is the name of a slot game from Gaming1, but it also refers to the five thieves in the game. The game design reveals five smart criminals - not just any criminals, but ones who are keen to try and break into three different locations. To do this, you as the player must grab as many masks as you can. You must then disarm the security systems designed to keep out the criminals, before trying to reach the safe.

The game may not sound like your average slot game, but it does offer you five familiar reels. It also has 243 ways to win, dispensing with the more usual paylines in favor of the other format. The mask is the bonus icon, and you must get three of these to unlock the bonus feature. If you find the blue bonus mask, you will play a mini-game prior to unlocking the real bonus.

The game also includes a wild, which appears as a gold shield with a safe cracked open in it. You will also meet all five of the criminals, each with their own role to play. The Five Raiders is a superb slot, although the graphics keep this in 2D territory rather than going 3D. Oh, and there are different free spins bonuses, too. You will go to a different location to rob it depending on whether you get three, four, or five masks. Will you visit the jewelry store, the bank, or the museum? There is just one way to find out.