The Dead Escape Slots

The very idea of the dead escaping from wherever they go is frightening enough for us. There are plenty of horror-themed slots around online if you know where to look, and you must look to Habanero to find this one. It is a game that is set in a deserted cityscape… perhaps one where the dead have already taken over. Are we in zombie territory here? It would appear we are, and that means you must decide if you are brave enough to go further…

Ah, you are still here. So, let’s reveal the five reels and 30 lines this game provides you with. A nasty-looking zombie with lots of cuts and scrapes on his face appears as a substitute, and he will replace everything else you might encounter apart from the scatter. This is an orange truck. The wild will only appear on the three odd-numbered reels in the regular game. Unusually, there is also another wild – a stacked wild appearing as a tall WILD icon with zombies behind it. This also replaces everything except for that truck.

This game introduces duels between survivors and zombies, but only if one lands next to the other on the reels. If this happens, a coin spins. This might reveal the message DEAD or the message ESCAPE… but whatever happens, wilds are involved, so it’s not too bad either way. We like The Dead Escape, especially since it involves free spins, too. Maybe the dead aren’t so bad after all?