Pirate Payout Slots

Okay, so this isn’t a slot, but it is an instant game that might be worth a try if you fancy a quick game, or a change from your regular slots. It features a pirate map, and you must choose four of the assorted islands that appear on the screen.

Hidden in a golden treasure chest in the bottom left corner is a winning symbol. The idea is to try and match one or more of your uncovered island symbols with whatever lies inside the treasure chest. It’s as simple as that, and this is how the Pirate Payout could be achieved.

The game design is good, but basic – maybe the screen could have benefited from some more color? See if you agree. There is a pirate watching over your progress in the bottom right corner, but other than that, there isn’t much else to see. When you choose an island, the pirate ship sails over to it and the pirate starts digging. This reveals a prize for that island. You then choose three more, before the chest is opened to reveal if you won any of the prizes you found. How good does that sound? Maybe your luck will be in, too.