Scientific Games Introduces a New Twist on Roulette

If you love roulette games, you’ll want to know more about the introduction of U-Spin Roulette from Scientific Games. That title gives away a hefty clue to what this is about, too, because it points to the main feature introduced to this game.

The idea is that players will be able to decide when to release the ball every time they take the game for a spin. Instead of the dealer releasing the ball, they put it in a launcher and then wait for the player to release that ball by using the U-Spin – a big button that the player can then use to launch the ball whenever they wish. The remainder of the spin plays out as you would expect it to, with the ball landing to determine who has won a bet.

The U-Spin can also be programmed to shoot three balls instead of one. This means a side bet can be placed too if required. Roulette has therefore been changed and modernized in casinos by the introduction of this U-Spin roulette launcher. It means you can get closer to the action and take control over when that all-important ball is launched.