Sherlock Holmes Slots by IGT

Are you ready to join the Hunt for Blackwood? That’s the rest of the title of the Sherlock Holmes slot, another great effort from IGT. In case you are wondering, Blackwood relates to Lord Blackwood, but he is not a savory character. In fact, he is very much the opposite, and is a major villain here.

The slot is based on the characters in the film, with Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law appearing in their respective guises on the reels. You will also see a set of bonus cogs, and a violin, so everything is in keeping with the theme. The game packs in 30 lines, but you are required to place 60 coins on each spin to activate the bonus features as well. Bear this in mind if you are deciding which coin value to opt for.

The base games benefit from mystery multipliers, while there is a teamwork feature that can see Holmes and Watson combine to appear in the same position. There are potentially big wins to be had here. With the delight offered by a Picker Puzzle, not to mention the Blackwood Wheel bonus as well, Sherlock Holmes and the Hunt for Blackwood is a slot you won’t want to miss.