4 Fowl Play Slots

This is a great name for a slot game, and Multislot can take the credit for that. If you were expecting to see roosters and chickens in this game, well, you will see roosters here, and for some reason the theme involves cockfighting. Hmm, it is an odd choice, but we should still check it out, don’t you think?

There are five reels provided, and with 25 lines to bet on there is a lot of potential involved in the game. The reels will show the roosters popping up, along with two guys who seem to be betting on which of the roosters might win. We have our doubts about this theme, honestly, but there is a chance some players might take it in a more light-hearted sense.

You can win some free spins here – perhaps as many as 50 of them – and there are potentially thousands of credits to be won if you get the best line-ups of matching icons on those reels. The wild card is just that – wild – and is used in the normal manner. If you get bonus or scatter symbols on the reels, these cannot be replaced by the wild. You are guaranteed at least 10 free games whenever you get three scatters on the reels, and many more if you find four or five of them. So, there are some good reasons to check out this game, if you can get past the dubious theme!