£1 Million Monopoly Slots

Everyone loves Monopoly, right? We certainly do, and that’s why we always take notice whenever a new Monopoly-themed game appears online. This one is based around an instant win format, rather than a slot, but that is no reason not to check it out. Sometimes you need a quick game to play when you don’t have much time to get stuck into a slot.

This game does offer prizes up to a million, and that gives you a chance to win a possibly life-changing amount here. You also get three games in one in this instant win experience. The first game requests that you match three symbols on a row to win the prize for that row. The second game asks you to roll a double on the dice to win the prize in that row. Finally, the third game gives you a chance to reveal two numbers on each row. If they add up to 10, you get the prize associated with that row.

This means each card lasts a while, and you get three prize-winning chances here, too. £1 Million Monopoly is nice and simple, but engaging, too, and that makes it a winner in our eyes.