7 Wonders Slots

Maybe you can, and maybe you can’t, but this slot game doesn’t require you to know them. Instead, 7 Wonders provides a truly stunning game screen that has one of the most detailed backgrounds we have ever seen. You will see the sights themselves as you spin the reels over the center of the image, including the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China. These also appear along with the other Wonders on the reels.

There are five of those reels, along with 20 lines to bet on. The wild is a version of the globe with all the wonders standing tall around it. This will appear on any of the middle three reels, and becomes an expanding wild whenever it shows up. It also triggers a free re-spin with the wild reel still in position.

That is all there is to this game – no free spins and no other bonus elements either. With that said, 7 Wonders looks so good, you’d be mad not to try it out. The graphics and detailing involved make this a must-play slot game.