Cash Cube Slots

That is the big question, and this instant game could just provide you with a nice answer if things go your way. Cash Cube offers prizes worth up to 60,000 coins, so if you are looking for something to make a change from the usual games you would play, Cash Cube might just fit the bill.

We instantly liked the presentation of this game, offering either a 3D layout or a tunnel layout depending on your liking. You must select one side of the vault presented to you, and then try to find your way through the vault using a blueprint. If you get it right, there could be some gems in it for you.

This instant game is very different from anything else we have seen. Mind you, it does have a familiar feel about it too, which might sound odd, but it does present the chance to secure a prize or two in a different way from other instant play games. So, if you are looking to pass the time and you like the idea of trying to win up to 60,000 coins, why not look more closely at the Cash Cube game now?