What Will President Elect Trump Change About U.S. Gambling Laws?

The citizens of the U.S have voted and now Republican Donald Trump is president elect. He will be sworn into office on January 20, 2017, replacing Democrat President Barack Obama. What could this mean for the U.S. in terms of gambling, specifically online gambling? First, we must consider that President Elect Donald Trump is a very successful casino owner so that speaks volumes about his views on gambling, or does it?

One topic that is being discussed of late is the curiosity as to whether Trump will put together a legislation that will make online gambling legal in the U.S. Congress could review the major gaming laws in the US, potentially paving the way for legalized sports betting. Trump expressed interest in online gambling five years ago when teaming up with Marc Lasrey to form Poker Ventures LLC. Some even felt that if Trump were to be elected, he might just change the stance on online gambling.

If the truth be known, those who work closely with Trump, namely Senator Mitch McConnell and Representative Jason Chaffetz, stand firm in their belief of restoring the Federal Wire Act which states that online gambling should be banned everywhere in the U.S. Trump and Sheldon Adelson, the CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corp, have created several ties. Adelson is also well known for his massive public events to end online gambling at a federal level.

ESPN reports that a congressional committee is in the process of reviewing the three biggest federal gambling laws, with the aim of drafting new legislation "that also will address daily fantasy sports and other forms of gaming." US Rep. Frank Pallone of New Jersey tells ESPN the current laws are 24 years old, "obsolete" and "in desperate need of updating." Pallone's state of New Jersey (and to an extent, Philadelphia) has been a leader in the effort to get PASPA repealed, for the tax benefit that gaming would bring to the state. New Jersey has already filed two appeals to the Supreme Court to review PASPA.