Make the Most of Your Bodog Membership with Bodog Rewards

You probably already know Bodog Casino is a great place to be. But it’s better than ever now, thanks to the Bodog Rewards scheme. This enables you to earn more from your activity at the casino, because Bodog Rewards means you get access to an enhanced loyalty program. This offers the chance to level up and access even better rewards higher up that reward ladder, too.

It works like this – the more you use the site, and the more loyal you are, the higher up the ladder you go. And when you reach a new level, you’re locked into position there. That means you won’t slide back down the ladder if you play less often, or if you’re on vacation and don’t visit the site for a couple weeks. Instead, you always retain that improved position. Of course, if you hit the next level, you’ll be upgraded to that and locked in place there, instead.

While some casinos offer five or six levels to their reward program, not so with Bodog. You get no fewer than 14 amazing levels to progress through. With bigger, better rewards available at each stage, you can see why players are going crazy for the amazing benefits offered by Bodog Rewards.